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    What to Expect

    Dodgers Logo

    The So Cal Dodgers Baseball Academy is currently based out of Huntington Beach.  Our teams practice 2/3 times per week (HB Sports Complex) and play tournaments, or doubleheaders, every other weekend. 

    Dodgers Teams play in tournaments, leagues and showcases around the Southern California area and play National tournaments year-round.  


    Why the So Cal Dodgers?


    The SoCal Dodgers program was created by Steve Garvey to provide a higher level of competition for talented and motivated youth baseball players. Baseball is a fun and challenging game that requires players to develop the ability to overcome mistakes, and to look forward to their next opportunity. Ultimately, the development of skills and team-focused play are the primary guidelines for our program, which we believe will create better baseball players and, more importantly, better people.


    Teach Players to Become a Student of the Game:

    - Practices With Designed Purpose

    - Situational Hitting 

    - Infielders/Outfielders Pre-Pitch: 'Set' & 'Ready' Positions & Range

    - Think Ahead Each Pitch (Offense & Defense)

    - Advanced Cuts/Relays/Plays/Pick-offs

    - Confident and Relaxed Approach to Baseball

    - Routines, Repetition, Resiliency

    Teach Players they can control:

    -  Work Ethic 

    - Practice Habits

    - Attitude

    - Mental toughness

    - Ability to focus, which is developed through purposeful practices